The Good Dads Club Podcast

with Dr. Dave Moore
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Are you a father committed to being a good dad?

It is the toughest and most rewarding job on the planet, and that’s why we are here: to provide you with resources to learn from and a community to become a part of during this journey.

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Read our blog to learn about tips and tricks learned along the journey of fatherhood


Learn from experts and experienced dads that talk about their lives with Dr. Dave


Join the thousands of fathers holding themselves accountable to being good dads

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What other dads are saying

“An absolute treasure trove of information from a group of guys who learned how to be a dad the hard way and survived!”

Rich Fonyi

“Having a forum to be open and honest about the day to day questions of being a Dad is invaluable. Being able to share stories and learn from the experiences of others makes this page great!”

Fred Rob

I have already gained a couple of great pearls of wisdom from the first couple of podcasts. Each week I look forward for the next one to come out!

Rok Andre Morin

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Good Dads Club?
We are a community of Good Dads who are committed to being Great Fathers, Leaders, and most of all MEN.
What will I get out of being a part of this group?
Being a Good Dad does not come with instructions and as men, we tend to not ask for help, operating as “Lone Wolves” instead of with a pack. The Good Dads Club provides Dads with the wisdom and accountability of a group of like-minded men.
What do you have on your Podcast
The Good Dads Club Podcast offers weekly conversations with Dads that share the common desire to be Good Dads. We hope other Dads will be able to identify and relate to our stories and be inspired to join the conversation.
How Do I join the closed group?
By clicking the “GROUP” Button, you will be directed to The Good Dads Club group on Facebook. You will be asked 3 qualifying questions for our Admins consideration.