About us

We are a community  of Good Dads who are committed to being Great Fathers, Leaders, and most of all MEN. Being a Good Dad does not come with instructions and as men, we tend to not ask for help, operating as “Lone Wolves” instead of with a pack. Dr. Dave understands how difficult it is for Dads to know if they are doing the right thing alone.  That is why he created The Good Dads Club. 

This community exists to provide resources and accountability for Dads with their Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Growth.  This website, Our podcast, Facebook Page, and Instagram account will be places where you can connect, get content, learn, and share what you get from us. We exist to help men become Great Dads and Men!

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Dr. Dave Moore


Meet Dr. Dave

14 years ago, “Dr. Dave” was at a tough point of his life.  Faced with the stresses of running a family, business, and being a father, he fell into a deep depression.  Dr. Dave focused on one goal, to be a Good Dad to his 10-month-old son. That single desire transformed his life. Today he is a father of three, husband of 17 years, and a practicing chiropractor for 20 years.   Now, 14 years later, not only has his life been transformed, but he has helped thousands of Dads do the same.


Dr. Dave shares his experience, strength, and hope with dads, showing how aligning your values and identifying the character required to become a Good Dad can transform your life into becoming a Better Man.


“Good Dads Become Better Dudes” -Dr. Dave.