I Don’t Do Barbie Well…


First I would suggest watching the comedy “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson. It has some great truths!

Gibson’s character is “single”–he’s divorced. He’s got a great bachelor’s apartment and a neat job at an advertising agency. He’s up for a promotion. He carries on plenty of flirtations and more. In all, his life seems pretty cool.

Then his ex-wife takes off on vacation with her new husband, and Mel’s rebellious teenage daughter has to stay with him for two weeks (complete with eye rolls). At the same time, he gets passed up for promotion. His company hires a woman instead. They want to capture the female market.

One night, through a combination of alcohol and lightning, Gibson’s character wakes up with the ability to hear women’s thoughts. His cool world is split apart when he finds out what women are really thinking about him! At first he tries to use his newfound power to manipulate them, but once he actually starts to understand women, he finds out how vulnerable they are. Slowly, he begins to assume a new role in relationship to the women in his life: protector, defender, and biggest fan.


In Short, He Becomes a Better Man


Being a woman isn’t as easy as it looks,” he concludes. It isn’t easy for your daughter either. By being sensitive to her, you can become her bulwark; her Rock of Gibraltar; her safe harbor in a rough sea.

It can come down to something as simple as spending time with her. It can even be on your terms.

One woman I know said that her dad took her lake fishing when she was a girl. He wanted to catch some bass and he asked her to come along.

It was exciting to get up in the dark and see the dawn over the lake. They caught some fish. They ate PBJs. Her dad gave her coffee from his thermos.

This woman’s dad shared with her a part of his world, and she never forgot the sense of emotional closeness that created.

Maybe the next time you go to the home improvement store, or fishing, or to the Post Office, ask your daughter to come along. Absolutely do so if she asks, “Can I come too?” Take her into your world. Spend time with her and her alone. You don’t have to say much.

Women tell me that nature endows daughters with hearts ready to adore their fathers. It only takes some time. Then, when you tell her things like, “Fifteen is too young to date a thirty-year-old,” she might listen.

Your natural position as her dad is that you are the number one man in her life. You will be till you walk her down the aisle.

Being a woman isn’t as easy as it looks. Your daughter will benefit from knowing there is a man in her corner–her dad–because he cares enough to share his time.

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