Let’s Talk About Pain.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I’ve discovered that pain isn’t an enemy. Pain can be your friend. It can point to a problem that needs attention.

Pain may not seem like a friend when it prevents you from bending over to scoop up  the football you are throwing with your son. Pain may not seem like a friend when it’s killing you to sit in the auditorium seat while your daughter is making a speech on stage.

Yet it is your friend because it is telling you that you need to find the source of it, or sometime soon you might not be able to get out onto that football field at all. You might not be able to witness your daughter’s graduation.

As noted in another blog post, men between the ages of 24 and 44 are dying in high numbers through overdoses. The roots of the opioid crisis, experts say, was the over-prescription of painkillers.

Why Do Dads Take Drugs?

They do it to get out of pain, whether that pain is physical, emotional, or both.

Maybe that small back ache you have can be banished by aspirin today. Tomorrow it  may need something stronger. Do you want to go on to that something stronger, or do you want to address the source of the pain?

I know health care is a whole big discussion. It costs, however you cut it. But I do know one health insurance policy that’s free.

The Journal of the American Heart Association published a study that found that you can save tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care costs by exercising.  Exercise is like a great health insurance policy!

Dads and Exercise

We’ve talked about exercise before. Most of us know the preventive benefits: exercise cuts down on cardiovascular disease. It also prevents diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.Heck, it even staves off depression and anxiety and boosts your self-confidence. It makes your brain emit natural painkillers.

Exercise can help banish pain in your body, your mind, and your bank account.

Exercise can ease up tight muscles. It’s even good for your joints! If your knee or hip is arthritic, amazingly, exercise can help.

I know when something hurts, the strongest urge is to sink back in the armchair with something comforting in a glass in your hand. You’ll actually feel better, though, especially long term, if you exercise.

Scientists say that the best way to cut health care costs is to exercise moderately to vigorously for thirty minutes, five times a week. Check with your doctor to see what kind of exercise and for how long is best for you.

Exercise will help you avoid pain in your body and in your wallet.You might even save enough money through this simple habit to put a kid through college!




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